Meet Little Crusty  


The Acne Prone Skincare Blogger

Little Crusty was born out of a joke that even when my skin was at its best, I was still “just a little crusty,”. Whenever I am having a bad skin day I remind myself it’s okay to feel imperfect, that’s what makes us human. My goal with this blog is to encourage people to find their beauty beneath the skin, while showing them how to achieve their skin-deep beauty goals. 


Being an acne prone skincare blogger means all of my content has sensitive and acne prone skin in mind. My words are informed by four years of experience in the industry as a skincare consultant and makeup artist, supercharged by 8 years of living with cystic acne. 


Acne Positivity + Skincare Reviews

My goal is to empower my audience members to be confident and informed beauty consumers through acne positivity and skincare reviews. Through positive affirmations I believe we can learn to love our skin, regardless of perceived imperfections. Likewise, I want to empower my audience to be knowledgeable about marketing tactics and skincare ingredients so you can achieve your skin goals on your own terms.