Meet Trent

a.k.a. Little Crusty 

Hello! My name is Trent! I’m a 22 year old beauty professional and college senior studying political science. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota and not so secretly want to move to NYC sometime in the proximate future. I have experience working in cosmetic retail as a skincare consultant, freelance bridal makeup artist, & brand strategist. My passion is driven by 8 years of struggling with cystic acne and having to uncover all of the half-truths and beauty mysteries on the internet and beyond. My goal is to share my knowledge so others don’t have to struggle with sorting through the overwhelming amount of acne advice on the internet. 



Within my degree program I study the impact of globalization, gender/sexuality, human rights, international institutions, digital marketing, and political theory. At face value these things have little to do with beauty, but I love utilizing my theoretical training to discuss issues in the beauty community/industry. Examples of my areas of interest and expertise are below. I’d love to write an article for your digital publication or brand’s blog, email me! 

Areas of Expertise 

Over the years I have curated knowledge and curiosity within the following subject areas. 

LGBTQ+ Beauty

The Politics of Beauty & Representation 

Industry Trend Analysis & Strategy 

In-Depth Skincare Product Reviews

Acne Positivity + Radical Self Love

Consumer Education + More!