Little Crusty: The Origin Story



My name is Trent a.k.a. Little Crusty. I’ve worked in the beauty industry for 3.5 years as a skincare consultant, makeup artist, and brand strategist. Lots of beauty bloggers contain “glow” in the name, and here I am with the crust. I love posting pictures on the internet with “skin goals” just as much as the next person, but I also think its imperative that we are open and candid with our reality and struggles. That’s where the crust comes in. 


Why Crusty?

Trent looking at the camera with tongue out and showing a peace sign with his fingers.
Fresh out of the shower, natural light, no filters.

When asking a friend to help describe my skin, they said it was a little crusty. But rather than be offended, I sat in the truth of that statement. I realized, even when my skin was at its best – I was still… a little crusty. If my skin had some breakouts, or dry patches, etc. it was ok. Heck, sometimes I have a radiant glow AND crusties. Little Crusty is an effort to evaluate our perceptions of self, beauty, and beyond. At its core, the philosophical goal of little crusty is to honor our bodies and minds in whatever their state, not putting off our happiness until we achieve clear skin, glass skin, etc. 


You are beautiful and worthy even if you’re a little crusty.


My Purpose

I am passionate about skincare and consumer education. I’m here to educate and empower you to make the best beauty decisions for your wallet, time constraints, and skin goals. While I’ll definitely be sharing my (blunt) opinions on products, I attempt to showcase products in a broad and objective light. A product may not have worked the best for me, but based on other criteria may be the next best cleanser or cream blush for your collection! 


Bonus Tidbits 

I’m completing a degree in political science (I love international relations and continental philosophy) 

I love cats, like a lot. Current & past cats are named: Puss Puss, Cheesegrits, and KimChi. 

I’m an Aquarius so I’m goofy and often times annoying to others (oops). 


Anyways! Buckle up and prepare to learn, laugh, and embrace the crust. Are you ready? >:)

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